Monday, December 7, 2015

Free-standing closet from and old door

So back in May of 2015, my wonderful father moved in with me. Before he moved in, I was in the master bedroom, which has a large bathroom with a very large walk-in closet. The bathroom of the master was originally part of the back porch. The former owners converted it to a large bathroom with a shower, his and her sinks, and a large walk-in closet. Plus the master bedroom itself had two not-so-large closets. My dad is in his 70's and I wanted him to have the master, so I relocated to my teenage daughter's room, which I absolutely love, as it has three windows and is on the east side of the house. The downside was, there was only one small closet. You know how old houses are.......
So I crammed what I could into the small closet, and relocated off season clothes to other areas of the house. Some stayed in the large closet in the master, some went to an armoire in the dining room, and jackets to an under-the-stairs closet. So literally my clothes were scattered hither and yon. So as the months progressed I settled into my new space I began to seek out other alternatives for expanding my closet space. As I surfed through different blogs and Pinterest, I was more and more drawn to an "open closet" idea.
Thus, my inspiration came from Holly at
You should check it out. The transformation is amazing. Plus, I had already re-done the walls to cover the painted paneling and painted them gray with white trim. I'll post pics soon :).

Below is Holly's open closet

Now Mine:

And I love it! Everything I used was scrap wood I had on hand. The baskets up top I already had. So the cost was absolutely $0.

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